Why not mix it up?

Posted By: gypsy on Jul 09, 2010 in Diving

I was talking with a DM friend here on Roatan, and he suggested to me this idea: Why not mix it up? Think: Semi-commercial diving. Combining regular gas and NITROX on a dive could make for more bottom time, and deeper dives. In other words, could there not be a way to feasibly dive on air down to 120, 160 feet and then come up for a mixed air (NITROX) dive for another little while? It might take a bit of finagling on the tables and equipment, but could be done safely.

I am NITROX-certified. But I don’t dive with it. The fact is, I’m perfectly comfortable within the limits that normal gas allows. But I have been on dives where I wish I had taken advantage of my NITROX cert. But if I could visit a squid or manta at 150 feet, and then come up for a nice drift along the coral? I’m in.

Bottom line is safety. When bad accidents happen, the whole industry’s in trouble. But we all know there’s more to see, and let’s face it: this is about exploration.

How do we get deeper? farther? longer?

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