Things to Pack Next Time…

Posted By: gypsy on Jul 13, 2010 in Diving, Honduras, Latin America

  • Forget the “beach tent”. We ended up leaving it on the plane.
  • Forget the little DVD player. Would’ve been great to have for the little one, but like the beach tent, we ended up leaving it on the other plane. Maybe pack two. Laptop works fine.
  • Can’t pack enough bug spray. I survived 3 years in Sub-Saharan Africa and avoided all but 4 mosquitoes. Not so lucky on Roatán. These mosquitoes like my blood.
  • Forget antibiotics. The u/w cameras have me all over the place, and I got me another case of otitis medio-whatever. I know the prescription and the dosage, and you can get 20 amoxicillin (500mg) for 3 lemps apiece. Week and a half’s worth=$3.50 at any grocery store.
  • Forget DVDs, for now… I have a good setup with Giovanni here. Giovanni seems to have an equitable arrangement with those Russian bands of DVD pirates, and he will even exchange movies—Blockbuster-style—unless Siena Kaya draws on them (everyone has a limit.) Laptops must’ve been a windfall for Giovanni. God save Giovanni and the Russians when the Download Revolution hits the tropics.
  • Did I mention more bug spray? Look into 100% Deet.
  • More donations for Familias Saludables. I hear Roatán’s HIV rate is something like 1 in 8.

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