The Atlantic Coral Reef Exhibit

Posted By: gypsy on Feb 04, 2010 in Diving

Below is a short video I shot last Friday following a maintenance/cleaning dive in the Atlantic Coral Reef exhibit at the National Aquarium:

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  • Nicole Feb 09, 2010 

    Great video!!! I'm so excited to get to the in-water test (hopefully this month). Do you have any pictures/movies of what's going on with the revamping of the Ray Tray? Is it getting much of a change, or just some maintenence?

  • Jeff Mar 24, 2010 

    Thanks, Nicole. As you may know, I've left my volunteer position at the National Aquarium. Truth be told, the decision came following a dive in the Pier 4 dolphin exhibit. I'm still wrestling with my position on the zoo and aquarium industry and would love to hear others' opinions on the matter. Hopefully, the Gypsy Dive Log can serve as a civil place to discuss this and other marine life/environmental issues. For now, I'll keep using it to make updates from my dives, and to post more u/w photos and video.Thanks again!


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