Patrick – Kigali, Rwanda

Posted By: gypsy on Aug 07, 2011 in Africa, Education, Rwanda, Travel, Video

On Friday, I met Patrick, the President of a co-op here in Kigali, Rwanda that is involved in silk farming, fish farming and rabbit farming. What a story. Like many of Rwanda’s youth, Patrick is an orphan. After graduating high school, he didn’t have a lot of prospects. But thanks to some intensive training (from my client) in practical job capacities and business skills, Patrick is now a successful businessman.

This guy got started in silkworm farming. Then he went to Vietnam on a government scholarship, where he learned about tilapia farming and rabbit farming. When he got back, he started raising rabbits to sell, using their pellets in compost to produce more bugs and insects, which he then feeds the fish, and well… it’s just an ingenious system.

He and his co-op should be an inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world.

Working on initial translation sequences now, and loving every minute of it!

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