Paalam and Salamat! – Zamboanga, Philippines

Posted By: gypsy on Aug 03, 2011 in Education, SE Asia, the Philippines, Travel, Video

The Philippines is a country to I hope to get back to soon. Not a lot of time here, and I only got to see the Mindanao region. What I did see was strikingly beautiful. Not just picturesque, but inspiring.

When you’re face-to-face with utter poverty and cruel brutality, and you witness human beings finding happiness and hope in the midst of it all, you can’t help but be humbled. These are people who are far stronger than I am, who have no time for cynicism, and who consistently teach me the meaning of civilization.

(And of course, the team on the ground here is top notch!) Suffice it to say, I’ll miss it here.

Next stops: Bangkok > Addis > Nairobi > Burundi > Kigali. Shooting youth programs in Rwanda. Can’t wait to get back to Africa!

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