New EARCOS Video from ISM

Just wanted to pop in for a minute to show you guys the new promotional video that I produced for EARCOS, through my education division, ISM: This piece was done using a combination of Photoshop, After Effects (mostly all After Effects), Logic Pro, and Final Cut Pro X. I’m so pleased with the results and …

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Review of Hyperlapse, by Instagram, Part 1

Posted By: gypsy on Sep 09, 2014 in App Development, Photography, Post Production

Hyperlapse I love time lapse photography. I’ve been doing more and more of it as I explore creative ways of taking advantage of my DSLR on client projects—beyond traditional stills and video. So in addition to things like cinemagraphs, HDR photography, and 360º VR photography, time lapse has become a skill I’ve been working hard …

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New Underwater Video: Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Posted By: gypsy on Apr 17, 2014 in Diving, SE Asia, Travel, Video

The conditions were not ideal, but I admit that I am pretty spoiled. Below are a few shots I got from Big Perhentian Island, off the eastern coast of Malaysia, just a couple weeks ago. Some stormy seas, but no less beautiful for it. • Shot on a Canon HF-S100 with Ikelite housing and lighting. …

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A Day in the Life of ISM

Posted By: gypsy on Feb 20, 2014 in Blog, ISM, Travel, Video

I had to share this video from the ISM Blog, because it gives you an idea of life and work around here—both with Gypsy Creative and ISM. It’s not always easy, but it’s always fun! ISM Video Blog #1 from jeff nesmith on Vimeo. Learn more about ISM here.

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Affordable, Professional Time-Lapse Photography

What Is It? Time-lapse photography is effectively the opposite of slow-motion filmmaking. By shooting multiple frames of a scene at intervals and then stitching them together into a film/video, the final product presents the passage of time in a unique, artistic way. It’s not a new process – the first time-lapses were done in the …

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360° VR Photography

Posted By: gypsy on Jan 25, 2014 in Photography, Post Production, Travel, Vietnam

Introduction to VR Somewhere between still photography and video lies what I believe to be an under-appreciated and under-utilized presentation format: 360° Virtual Reality (VR) Photography. (Yes, they still call it Virtual Reality,  1992’s “Lawnmower Man” notwithstanding.) It’s a really cool way to present a 3-dimensional area visually. While it isn’t exactly motion, like video—the …

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Kicking off 2014 with a New Award!

Great news! The latest video from Saigon South International School and Gypsy Creative Communications, are among the winners of the 2013 Global Cardboard Challenge Video Contest! I just got word of this during our holiday in Cambodia. What a great gift it was, and what an awesome way to kick off my new business: International …

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Haiyan: Some thoughts on how to help

Posted By: gypsy on Nov 12, 2013 in SE Asia, the Philippines, Vietnam

This is not a typical Gypsy eNewsletter. But here in Vietnam, we are watching the crisis of Haiyan unfold right in our back yard, so it’s necessary. Wherever you are in the world, you can help. Here are just a few ways:  

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Law Firms and Website Design

Posted By: gypsy on Nov 12, 2013 in Design, Law Firms, Web, WordPress

Read my latest eNewsletter, where I showcase a few law firms that have worked with Gypsy Creative on new websites: Here’s the link. Click here to read past issues.

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Organizing Your Horribly Disfigured Final Cut Pro X Project

Posted By: gypsy on Oct 19, 2013 in Blog, Design, Final Cut Pro, Travel, Video, Vietnam, Web

One of the strengths of Final Cut Pro X is its comprehensive organization system. From tagging and grouping clips, to reconnecting offline media, it’s a pretty impressive setup. When I took the FCPX certification course, a large part of the curriculum was dedicated to early-stage organization, and I spent a lot of time getting the …

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New Micro-Doc: SSIS and the Cardboard Challenge, Part 2

Posted By: gypsy on Oct 03, 2013 in Education, Final Cut Pro, Post Production, Travel, Video, Vietnam

This is my follow-up to a previous blog post I wrote, just after starting on this project. Background: Caine Monroy is a little boy who lives in Los Angeles whose dad owns an auto parts store. While his dad worked, Caine developed a hobby of taking the boxes from his dad’s warehouse and creating intricate …

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New Micro-Doc: SSIS and the Cardboard Challenge, Part 1

First, if you haven’t seen “Caine’s Arcade”, please check it out now. It’s a great story about a 9 year-old boy who had almost more creativity than he could handle, and access to a ton of cardboard boxes. So he made an arcade out of cardboard. I was personally moved by this film, partly because …

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