Case Study: HAN Website Design

Logo Design:

In the process of changing their official name and taking their public outreach to the next level, the Hospice Action Network knew that a new brand would be necessary before going too far with a website. In 2010, we got together and started brainstorming… Among other considerations, the logo needed to speak to different audiences, conveying the grassroots nature of the organization as well as their “Capitol Hill insider” expertise.

Website design:

Once the logo was finalized and branding parameters established, it was time to move on to designing the homepage and interior pages, based upon the dynamics and color scheme of the brand.

Wireframing, design, and architecture planning took about 2 months, although as changes in the industry and on Capitol Hill require, it remains an ongoing process. While this involves hundreds of emails and phone calls, it also requires a lot of face-to-face meetings and presentations. Communication is crucial at the early stages; it’s so important to maintain the client’s intended direction before serious web development gets underway.

Normally, three to four iterations of drafts and edits are the standard, but with a site as comprehensive as HAN, we went through many more rounds of changes. The site finalizations made the deadline, and we officially went live in the Summer of 2010.

As with all BHC/Gypsy Creative websites, HAN’s website came with a robust Content Management System (CMS). This means that when it’s necessary to make a quick change (especially important for organizations dealing with time-sensitive legislative issues) the client shouldn’t have to pay me, or often worse: wait for me. I’m always on call to assist with major structural or design changes. But when it comes to everyday maintenance or periodic content updates, the HAN staff can update their own website from anywhere with an Internet connection, thanks to a robust CMS.


Whether its via a blogging/website platform like WordPress, or an off-site, FTP-based system like CushyCMS, every Gypsy Creative website is carefully coded to give clients like HAN full access to their content, wherever they are, 24-7.

Check out the Hospice Action Network below:

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