Case Study: National Center Terrace Designs

In 2010 and 2011, the National Hospice Foundation and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization contracted me to help them promote the establishment of the National Center for Care at the End of Life. This building would serve as a home to four organizations—NHPCO, NHF, FHSSA and the Hospice Action Network—as well as a home for professionals and people who want to know more about end-of-life care. Leadership and staff at NHPCO were familiar with my background in fine art and illustration*, as I’ve done this kind of work for them in the past.

The rooftop of the National Center offers staff and visitors the unique opportunity to enjoy an outdoor lunch or just get some fresh air. But the organizations’ leadership wanted to take the experience one step further.

One end of the rooftop would be home to the “Remembering the Life of a Child Terrace,” an area dedicated to pediatric hospice and palliative care. The other would be called the “Remembering the Service of Veterans Terrace,” devoted to veterans and their families. Both of these terraces represent important sections of my client’s membership base.

In addition to on-location interviews, B-roll of the new building, site photography and a promotional video, I was asked to produce hand-drawn illustrations of plans for the rooftop terrace. Not only were these renderings to serve as architectural models for the upcoming redesign, but they would be featured in tours for visitors to the new center.

The process went through three major phases:

  1. Site photography: Photographs would provide the basis of the illustrations. They would then be reviewed for best representation, and scanned for digital manipulation.
  2. Perspective and outlines: Once photos were scanned in, perspective was adjusted for more compelling composition. Outlines were created and the designs for the floor and walls were inserted by hand.
  3. Color: When the final black and white drawings were complete, the illustrations were filled in with watercolor and then re-scanned, digitally repainted, and color-corrected.
After several revisions with the client, the final products were sent to print, and were mounted for display at the front door of the National Center during NHPCO’s annual Management & Leadership Conference of 2011.

“Remembering the Life of a Child Terrace”

“Remembering the Service of Veterans Terrace”

Click here to see more examples of paintings and illustrations.

*In addition to graphite, pen/ink, and watercolor, I support and put these great digital products to good use:

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