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Read a Case Study I’m fortunate that over the years I’ve been able to make a career out of music. After years of touring live around the country and pulling more than a few recording all-nighters, I now run a little Pro Tools/Logic studio of my own. These days, every video production I work on comes with the option of original music, and is provided in broadcast quality HD. Check out just a sample of my work:**


Just Breathe

Pearl Jam cover with my old pal Sean Watts accompanying on vocals.

Lucky Instrumental

Short instrumental version of “Lucky”, testing out the new Saigon studio and Logic Pro 9 for the first time! The original can always be found here.


Video production music for EDC literacy project profile.


Video production music for EDC literacy project profile.

From Here to There

Video production music for TechnoServe promotional spot.

Creatures of Habit

Video production music for Potomac Conservancy community event profile.


Video production music for EDC youth project profile.

From Whence We Came

Excerpted from the America’s Cup Dinner speech, John F. Kennedy, Australia, 1962.

Down Like Water

Excerpted from the Holt Street Baptist Church speech, Martin Luther King, Jr., Montgomery, AL, 1955.

**For more original music and live recordings, check out my profiles on LastFM and SoundCloud.

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