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Though my background is in art and film, I come from a family of journalists, which has led me to focus on producing short, documentary-style films for NGOs and nonprofits around the world. From over 20 countries that I have traveled, worked or lived in, I have produced videos for a range of clients around Latin America, Asia and Africa. I’ve worked in conflict and post-conflict transitional areas such as Mindanao Philippines, Mali and Rwanda. I have lived in Latin America, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia, and I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer (Mozambique 1) from 1998 to 2001.

I shoot stills and video, edit, and often provide original music and Voice Over. I am an Apple-Certified Pro in Final Cut Pro X, and I have a BFA in Painting and Spanish from Washington University in St. Louis, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. I also have years of experience in web design and WordPress development, and I have won multiple awards for print design over the years.

These disciplines often overlap. For example, for multimedia campaigns just over the last year, I found myself combining branding, still photography, video production, web design, AfterEffects, print design, and the development of an iOS App! I was also tasked with coordinating all of these materials in Spanish and English, ensuring brand consistency, and leading the messaging behind these efforts.


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