DIY Camera Slider, Part 1

Posted By: gypsy on Apr 14, 2012 in Design, Post Production, Video

Today I finished up the final touches on my new little camera slider. I made sure to ignore such distractions as the wife and kids, and went to gathering some test shots straight away. I’ll follow up soon on materials and construction, but for now, here are a couple test runs.

These were shot at 60fps and opened up to f2.8 (plus a ND filter) to allow good depth of field on the tighter shots. The first one started out in the front yard and made its way inside:

After the first test run, I made some changes to the slider and the tripod head to make it glide a little more smoothly. Felt good about some of the piano shots, so I decided to wander the studio and give the second shoot a “musical instrument theme”:

There’s always room for improvement. Would love to hear what you think! Build details are forthcoming.

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