Dear SK – Manila, Philippines

Posted By: gypsy on Jul 29, 2011 in Dear SK

Dear Siena Kaya,

Did you ever see a Jeep like this? In the Philippines, they call them “Jeepneys”.


A long time ago, after the Americans left a bunch of Jeeps in the Philippines, the local folks took them and made them into buses to take people to school and to work. They made them bigger and prettier. And I think they look really cool!

Maybe one day you and Daddy can make our Jeep into a Jeepney. Mommy would love that!

I got Dominic a pretty cool bib in Tokyo. It says “JAPANESE MAN” on it. It’s about all I could afford in Tokyo, so I hope Dominic likes it.


If not, I’m sure we can find a use for it on our Jeepney!

I love you so much. Take care of your mommy! See you soon.

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