Kicking off 2014 with a New Award!

Great news! The latest video from Saigon South International School and Gypsy Creative Communications, are among the winners of the 2013 Global Cardboard Challenge Video Contest! I just got word of this during our holiday in Cambodia. What a great gift it was, and what an awesome way to kick off my new business: International …

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Law Firms and Website Design

Posted By: gypsy on Nov 12, 2013 in Design, Law Firms, Web, WordPress

Read my latest eNewsletter, where I showcase a few law firms that have worked with Gypsy Creative on new websites: Here’s the link. Click here to read past issues.

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Organizing Your Horribly Disfigured Final Cut Pro X Project

Posted By: gypsy on Oct 19, 2013 in Blog, Design, Final Cut Pro, Travel, Video, Vietnam, Web

One of the strengths of Final Cut Pro X is its comprehensive organization system. From tagging and grouping clips, to reconnecting offline media, it’s a pretty impressive setup. When I took the FCPX certification course, a large part of the curriculum was dedicated to early-stage organization, and I spent a lot of time getting the …

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New Micro-Doc: SSIS and the Cardboard Challenge, Part 1

First, if you haven’t seen “Caine’s Arcade”, please check it out now. It’s a great story about a 9 year-old boy who had almost more creativity than he could handle, and access to a ton of cardboard boxes. So he made an arcade out of cardboard. I was personally moved by this film, partly because …

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Making video look like film (with examples!)

Posted By: gypsy on Sep 05, 2013 in Final Cut Pro, Photography, SE Asia, Video, Web

Scroll to the bottom for the sample video. This is not a new concept, and it’s certainly one that has been discussed extensively around the Internet. But making digital video look like film is still an elusive task for many filmmakers out there; especially those in my business — small documentary production from weird places. …

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Gypsy News | Spring, 2013

What do I mean by “multimedia”? Check out the Gypsy Creative Spring 2013 Newsletter here! *I would post it directly in my blog but the CSS gets all screwy…

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Final Cut Pro X… Part One: still plugging away at it.

Posted By: gypsy on Oct 15, 2012 in Education, Final Cut Pro, Travel, Video, Web

I’ll say it: I like the way Final Cut Pro X works. I like the way it looks, the way it feels, how fast it loads up. I am excited about FCPX. I think good things are happening here. But many video editors are still not so enthusiastic about Version Ten, and that’s understandable. For now, …

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New website, new post

Posted By: gypsy on Jan 24, 2012 in Blog, Current Events, Design, Music, Post Production, Video, Web

Hope you’re all enjoying the new website. If you spend some time here, I think you’ll find there’s a lot more to explore. Be sure to check out the new case study feature on the different service pages, to get an idea of how particular projecs in video, web design or audio production actually happen. …

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