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New EARCOS Video from ISM

Just wanted to pop in for a minute to show you guys the new promotional video that I produced for EARCOS, through my education division, ISM: This piece was done using a combination of Photoshop, After Effects (mostly all After Effects), Logic Pro, and Final Cut Pro X. I’m so pleased with the results and …

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Haiyan: Some thoughts on how to help

Posted By: gypsy on Nov 12, 2013 in SE Asia, the Philippines, Vietnam

This is not a typical Gypsy eNewsletter. But here in Vietnam, we are watching the crisis of Haiyan unfold right in our back yard, so it’s necessary. Wherever you are in the world, you can help. Here are just a few ways:  

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My First Crack at Pho

Posted By: gypsy on Aug 03, 2012 in Dear SK, Food, SE Asia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam

In a Nutshell (and do not use nutshells when making Pho): Pho—more or less pronounced “fuh”—is the traditional noodle soup of Vietnam. I won’t go into detail about the history of the dish, because I’d inevitably get it wrong. Nor will I get into flowery descriptions of its complexity or simplicity or the way it …

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Paalam and Salamat! – Zamboanga, Philippines

Posted By: gypsy on Aug 03, 2011 in Education, SE Asia, the Philippines, Travel, Video

The Philippines is a country to I hope to get back to soon. Not a lot of time here, and I only got to see the Mindanao region. What I did see was strikingly beautiful. Not just picturesque, but inspiring. When you’re face-to-face with utter poverty and cruel brutality, and you witness human beings finding …

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