Review of Hyperlapse, by Instagram, Part 1

Posted By: gypsy on Sep 09, 2014 in App Development, Photography, Post Production

Hyperlapse I love time lapse photography. I’ve been doing more and more of it as I explore creative ways of taking advantage of my DSLR on client projects—beyond traditional stills and video. So in addition to things like cinemagraphs, HDR photography, and 360º VR photography, time lapse has become a skill I’ve been working hard …

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Affordable, Professional Time-Lapse Photography

What Is It? Time-lapse photography is effectively the opposite of slow-motion filmmaking. By shooting multiple frames of a scene at intervals and then stitching them together into a film/video, the final product presents the passage of time in a unique, artistic way. It’s not a new process – the first time-lapses were done in the …

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360° VR Photography

Posted By: gypsy on Jan 25, 2014 in Photography, Post Production, Travel, Vietnam

Introduction to VR Somewhere between still photography and video lies what I believe to be an under-appreciated and under-utilized presentation format: 360° Virtual Reality (VR) Photography. (Yes, they still call it Virtual Reality,  1992’s “Lawnmower Man” notwithstanding.) It’s a really cool way to present a 3-dimensional area visually. While it isn’t exactly motion, like video—the …

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Kicking off 2014 with a New Award!

Great news! The latest video from Saigon South International School and Gypsy Creative Communications, are among the winners of the 2013 Global Cardboard Challenge Video Contest! I just got word of this during our holiday in Cambodia. What a great gift it was, and what an awesome way to kick off my new business: International …

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Making video look like film (with examples!)

Posted By: gypsy on Sep 05, 2013 in Final Cut Pro, Photography, SE Asia, Video, Web

Scroll to the bottom for the sample video. This is not a new concept, and it’s certainly one that has been discussed extensively around the Internet. But making digital video look like film is still an elusive task for many filmmakers out there; especially those in my business — small documentary production from weird places. …

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HDR Photography Follow-Up

Posted By: gypsy on Jun 10, 2013 in Blog, Photography, Post Production, SE Asia, Travel, Vietnam

As promised, here are a few more shots from my early adventures in HDR photography. I am gradually getting the hang of this method and building a few little strategies here and there, both in the shooting process and post production. And I’m sure I’m developing a bad habit or two. Anyway, click on the …

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First Foray into HDR Photography

Posted By: gypsy on Jun 10, 2013 in Photography, Post Production, SE Asia, Travel, Vietnam

On Thursday, I packed up my camera and a couple lenses, got on my motorbike, and headed downtown with the intention of shooting the Year’s Greatest Street Photography Series. Well, I also had to try on a suit for my buddy’s upcoming wedding. And then I got hungry so I headed down to the Pham …

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Gypsy News | Spring, 2013

What do I mean by “multimedia”? Check out the Gypsy Creative Spring 2013 Newsletter here! *I would post it directly in my blog but the CSS gets all screwy…

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