Jennifer in Yanfolila, Mali

Posted By: gypsy on Aug 25, 2011 in Africa, Education, Mali, Travel, Video

(Photo: © Jennifer Davis) Because I struggle so to be a reliable, consistent blogger (kidding) I am always happy when someone else does all the work for me! I traveled to the southern town of Yanfolila, Mali with Jennifer, a Peace Corps volunteer. Jennifer did a wonderful writeup of our trip, so rather than rehash …

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Remembering things I’d forgotten…

Posted By: gypsy on Jul 23, 2011 in Africa, Education, Mali

So I am leaving for the Philippines on Tuesday. After several flights and random jaunts/connects through the Middle East and N. Africa, I’m headed for Mali. Mali requires a visa. And since there’s not a lot of time now, even using expedition services, I decided to give the Malian embassy a call. What the hell, …

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